10 Wedding Trends for 2024

Celebrations by Brandi

Celebrations by Brandi

Southern California Wedding Planner

As we begin the new year, we find ourselves amidst a dynamic list of wedding trends for 2024. From nostalgic nods to the past with the resurgence of disposable cameras to the integration of new technology, this year’s trends are a blend of individualization and innovation. Couples are not only embracing sustainability as a guiding principle but also focusing on bringing in details and aspects emphasizing their unique story and personalities. Stick with us as we explore 10 wedding trends of 2024 ranging from colors to using social media to tell your wedding day story…shared in no particular order.

1. Casual and Intimate Ceremonies, Followed Days to a Year Later by a Larger Reception 

Intimate ceremonies and elopements are gaining popularity. Eloping for their ceremony has become a popular choice for couples seeking a more intimate and private way to exchange vows. This trend allows couples to enjoy the best of both worlds, combining the intimacy of an elopement with the joy of sharing their commitment with a wider circle of loved ones. Many of our couples over the past year have done this and many more are planning to this year. Our couples have given us the feedback that they feel more at ease by having an elopement style ceremony with a separate reception day, and many of them chose to do it this way after seeing a friend or family member do it.

2. Disposable Cameras:

Disposable cameras are making a comeback with a modern twist. Couples are providing guests with disposable cameras or encouraging them to use their smartphones to capture candid moments. Some couples are even opting for instant-print stations for immediate keepsakes. In an era dominated by smartphones and digital photography, disposable cameras also offer a more unplugged experience. Guests are encouraged to put away their phones and engage with the celebration without distractions, fostering a more present and intimate atmosphere.

3. Straying From Tradition to Embrace Authenticity: 

If you review this list as whole, you will see there is a trend that couples, in general, are making choices based on their personal preference and creating authentic wedding celebrations rather than the traditional. We see this play out in a variety of ways and since couples are being authentic to themselves, how it plays out in each wedding is unique. It can be any of these ways, all of these ways, and many more ways that are not on this list. We see non-white wedding gowns (or jumpsuits), saying I do in a unique location that holds personal appeal but strays from the traditional such as a baseball field or science museum, having a reception without all the traditional elements or events ie: cake cutting or grand entrance, and creating your ceremony with elements that hold personal significance, such as a cultural tradition, but including it in a more personalized or non-traditional manner. We love the trend of embracing authenticity. You be you, and love your day!!!

4. Green is the IT color of 2024

We began seeing green emerge mid-2023, and in our 2024 weddings green is taking center stage and stealing the spotlight from dusty blue. Green is a popular choice in wedding color palettes not just because of its beauty but because of its versatility too. From lush greenery-filled bouquets and foliage-inspired decor to bridesmaids’ dresses, green is fresh, natural and serene.

5. Live Painting:

Live painters at weddings continue to be a trend, creating unique and personalized artwork during the event. Couples are commissioning artists to capture the essence of their special day in real-time, resulting in a beautiful piece of art and a source of entertainment for guests. 

6. Digital and Audio Guestbooks:

Digital guest books are becoming increasingly prevalent for multiple reasons. Some couples may choose the digital guest book because they like that it is modern, while others like it because it is an interesting or sustainable option. They can take various forms, including touchscreen displays or tablets where guests can leave messages, doodles, or even recorded videos, or using their own phones.

Audio guest books add a heartfelt and super fun dimension to the wedding experience. Instead of written messages, guests can record their voices, sharing anecdotes, blessings, or advice for the newlyweds. Audio guest books come in the form of recording stations that use retro, vintage or antique style phones, voice memo apps or podcast-style compilations. 

7. Enhanced Technology Integration: 

Weddings, just like everything else, are experiencing more and more technological integration. A few examples that showcase how technology is being integrated into weddings are 360-degree cameras that are used to provide an immersive virtual experience for online guests to navigate and view the wedding venue from different angles. While watching a wedding online is nothing new, thank you very much covid, being immersed in the celebration via more advanced technology is. Digital Invitations and RSVPs are also nothing new, however, couples are now using invitations with embedded videos, animations, and interactive features to convey their love story and wedding details.

8. Inclusive Wedding Dress Trends:

Wedding dress trends of 2024 are becoming more inclusive, with designers offering a diverse range of styles, sizes, and options. This is such a breath of fresh air because even 8 years ago when working in a bridal salon, if a bride wanted something other than a white or almost white floor length gown, there wasn’t much out there to offer…other than to look into prom dresses or have it made. Now, with non-traditional colors, jumpsuits, and sustainable fabric choices gaining popularity, bridal gown designers’ collections are expanding to meet the tastes of brides are who opting to wear something other than a white gown. While white and ivory remain classic choices, non-traditional colors are gaining popularity. Just like many of the other trends this year, brides are opting for authenticity and feeling comfortable so their bridal outfits are reflecting their personal style and preferences.

9. Sustainability:

Although sustainability shouldn’t just be a trend, sustainable weddings are easily becoming the norm. Couples are choosing eco-friendly decor, looking for locally sourced and organic catering, and even considering carbon-neutral venues. Sustainability extends to invitations, favors, attire and other elements of the wedding.

10. Wedding Content Creators:

A wedding content creator is a professional who specializes in capturing and creating content for weddings. These pros are hired to document and showcase the story and behind-the-scenes moments of a couple’s wedding day. The role of a wedding content creator goes beyond traditional wedding photography and videography. They utilize social media as their canvas and may post as the day unfolds.

Our 10 wedding trends of 2024 emphasize the general movement of people being true to themselves. As we step into the future of weddings, the overarching theme is one of creativity, flexibility, and a celebration that truly resonates with the couple and their guests. Whether it’s through sustainable practices, virtual components, or non-traditional venues, the wedding trends of the year bring a diverse range of celebrations that honor the preferences of each couple.



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